thendral saravanan

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Poem Review ! ! !


Sharon said...

I couldn't get the whole page to load, it is a very interesting post, Tennyson did know people and he shows how people can react to a situation, and he said it so beautifully.

The page not loading is a problem on my end, many schools are out now and the servers are jammed, it might as well be dial-up here. It's what I get for living in the country with little choice of service.

Have a good night!

thendralsaravanan said...

Thanks for the comment Sharon.keep yourself and your little kids Jack and Jill safe from icy weather.
good morning!

சிவகுமாரன் said...

Thank You Madam

thendralsaravanan said...

Its my pleasure.
Your translation to this poem is really wonderful!