thendral saravanan

Monday, February 21, 2011

Today's thought!

                                Note:click and see the enlarged view.


Sharon said...

Nice sentiment! Pretty picture, it's got so much green! I long for Spring!

thendralsaravanan said...

thank you Sharon.That greenish area belongs our school!Soon you will be getting the pleasant spring.
"If winter comes can spiring be far behind?!"

S.G.சிவக்குமார். B.A,. B.Ed. said...

Winter time is full of light,

Winter time is big and bright,
Winter time is full of fun,
Winter time has lots of sun,
Winter time is full of fruits,
Winter time is time to be free,
that's why Winter time is for me.

thendralsaravanan said...

hope you mistook winter for summer!
If it's summer, you are right.

Gary said...

Very nice picture and a nice quote to go with it.

thendralsaravanan said...

@Gary thank you !

Ruthi said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful thoughts. Love the picture too.

thendralsaravanan said...

thank you very much Ruthi for your appreciation.